Should my iPhone really speak to my toothbrush?

This is probably one of the strangest releases we have seen in a while, it's the Oral-B 6000 with an app for your iPhone (or mobile device), which comes with Bluetooth. My first reaction was why would anyone need this, this is ridiculous and taking it one step to far. "It has more calculation power than the Apollo 12 guidance system" - taken from the OralB site.

The Bluetooth is on the top of the range model which has all that you would expect from the market leaders in clean teeth. We are not really here for that. The question is what does the Bluetooth and app add to my brushing my teeth?

So the first thing is the whole event of brushing becomes a scheduled and planned event, with alarms included. Well it’s a timer, that’s not very new. Then the fun begins. The brush will tell you if you are brushing too hard, it will also advise when to change quadrants so you spend only 30 seconds on each. If you like you can customise your brushing experience if you have trouble areas. Then it prompts you to clean your tongue and to floss. All good advice!

All of this information gets tracked and can even be given to your dentist.

All a bit much I think but if your looking for a toothbrush with as much umph as a spaceship then look no further.


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