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Leased Lines

We make use of a wide portfolio of technologies and carriers to ensure your clients can get the connectivity they need, at a price that suits.

  • Failover Connections

  • Point-to-Point or Internet Access

  • MPLS

  • Free Inclusive Routers

  • Diverse Circuits


Failover Connections

We make it easy to quote, order and manage failover arrangements whether they be to broadband or another Ethernet circuit.


Point-to-Point or Internet Access

Whether you require Internet access, layer 2 hand-off, or point-to-point connectivity we have solutions for you.



MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network arrangements can be ideal should you have multiple site locations. Quoting is easy and transparent.


Free Inclusive Routers

All our circuits, on 1 and 3 year contract terms include the option for a free managed router for 100Mb and 1Gb circuit options.


Diverse Circuits

Confidently quote for truely diverse circuits either using multiple fibre carriers, or using pinch-point free fibre paths with a single carrier.


Join The Leased Line Revolution

As fibre footprints increase, wholesale costs fall, and business demands of their connectivity intensifies, the leased line is no longer a high cost luxury; they are now an essential requirement to any modern business. Flat wholesale pricing structures, ensure ultra competitive prices are available to all our resellers.


Consistent Speeds Around The Clock

Our leased lines are supplied without contention restrictions. We don't oversubscribe our network, and therefore the bandwidth you purchase is used solely by your organisation. You can now avoid peak time exchange congestion, or one-off events from affecting the speeds you achieve.


UK-Wide Delivery

Just because you're poorly serviced with traditional broadband needn't mean you can't receive ultra high speeds. Fibre doesn't suffer the same losses that copper does over long distances, so regardless of whether you can receive good speeds with traditional broadband, leased lines can deliver the speeds and consistency a business needs.


Service Level Agreement

Service level agreements are in place to ensure that regardless of the fault, or time of day, you will have members of staff from both ICUK and our carriers working on the issue. Time limits are clearly stated, and in the event a satisfactory timely resolution isn't achieved service credits are applied.


No Usage Restrictions

Leased lines are supplied without any form of traffic restriction or usage limit. You can download at full speed all day, every day, regardless of what that traffic be made up of.


Future Proof

The speed delivered over a bearer can increase as your demands on the connection change. As such, you can start with a lower monthly speed commitment, to keep rentals to a minimum, and upgrade at a later date.

How Can We Help Your Business?

We help businesses save time and money by identifying problem areas and unnecessary expenditure, ensuring that your IT systems are more efficient, secure and increase productivity, supporting your business success.

What makes us different?

We make IT upkeep a pleasure, not a pain. We proactively prevent problems before they arise, and implement IT that enables you to grow and succeed.

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